Private Lessons

It is amazing how much our lives have changed the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic forced dance artists to quell their thirst for movement and interaction. Over a year later, things are finally starting to look more normal, and dancers are ready to return to the studio.

While it has been a difficult year (plus), I am grateful for the tools that the pandemic brought us and taught us to rely on. Although it is not ideal, virtual learning, even for a ballet dancer, can be valuable. As a dance educator, virtual learning helps me continue to share with new dancers and dancers I know, near and far. Even on a Zoom call, we can build and pursue technique and keep our joy of dance alive.

*Updated June 22, 2021

I will continue to offer virtual private lessons independently for ballet students with previous experience, ages 8 to adult, via the Zoom, Facetime, or Skype platforms. (I am also available in the Greater Boston area, for live lessons dependent on available rental space.) For Summer 2021, virtual lessons will be available weekday evenings between the hours of 3:00-8:30pm and on weekends. Payments will be accepted through Venmo and PayPal only at this time.

Private Lesson Rates
30 minutes = $30
45 minutes = $45
60 minutes = $60
Pack of 4 lessons (lessons must all be equivalent in duration) = $10 off total price

*Each lesson will be followed up by individual emailed corrections and suggested exercises.

Cancellation Policy
All private lesson cancellations must be made prior to the 24 hour window before one’s scheduled lesson. Any cancellations made within the 24 hours prior to the student’s session, will be charged for the full session amount. Please make any necessary cancellations before the 24 hour mark to avoid the late cancellation fee.

 For more information on rates and scheduling, please submit your email address below for future bookings.

Thank You For Your Interest! Stay Well & Keep Dancing.

~Elizabeth Grande