Musings Of A #tooblessed Ballerina

Photo Courtesy of Keith Alan Sprouse
Photo Courtesy of Keith Alan Sprouse

“You…have to genuinely want it. If you don’t, it shows. It’s in your everyday approach, and it’s in your eyes. To get through the day to day politics, rehearsals, and marathon days of dance plus a second job, you have to have intention. That is why I believe in the J.O.D.”

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12 thoughts on “Musings Of A #tooblessed Ballerina

  1. I have know Liz since she was a little girl. Her mom and I have been dancing and performing together for years. You have to see Liz dance to truly appreciate all that she brings to dance. Besides her beautiful technique, her sparkling personality and total love for dance, her dedication and devotion to dance, and her continuous hard work, is a JOY itself to watch. I have taken many classes with Liz as an adult and am humbled by her talent and all that she has accomplished so far. Anyone lucky enough to be one of her students (she teaches too) will be on the trail of not only learning to dance but learning to LOVE dance as well!! And she is a really beautiful person too! Much love to you Liz:)

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    • Thank you so much for this Karen! You are so sweet-what a heartfelt comment. I thank you & appreciate your post so very much. It has been a pleasure dancing beside you all these years. So happy we were able to share some dance time together again this past Sunday! Love you Karen & thank you again! ❤ xo


  2. ❤ dance has never left me and still influences all things that I do. Even my degree project as a designer was an interactive stage teaching people the language of movement and gesture. JOD 4EEEEE
    You're awesome Liz.

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    • Thank you Monica!! You are a perfect example of this week’s blog-always busy, living the dream, workin’ hard but always with a smile 🙂 love you friend


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