A Toast To The Small Victories

“Remind yourself that everything you do does not have to be an accomplishment that is gargantuan in size.”

When was the last time you took inventory of your accomplishments and mentally applauded yourself? Honestly, I might say never. Ha. Is that a bad thing?…Yes, definitely yes. I’m here today with a small post and a round of applause for all the small victories out there (key word small). Because…

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

I would apologize for my time away from my blog, but I do that too much, so no apologies! It’s been a trying time, but after a somewhat emotional Christmas time and a good amount of moping, I’ve started taking some steps towards what I want. Go New Year!

Things that I’ve done recently that make me happy/make me feel more like myself/allow me to take care of myself (my Dad, the professional editor, would absolutely hate that string of thoughts in one ugly fragment like that, “Sorry, Dad!”):

1.) I’m making more time for what I want to do i.e. ballet class, working out, breathing, etc.

2.) I applied for a job in Cambridge, MA. I “bit the bullet” finally, got my résumé fixed up, did some networking, and actually applied for something. I cannot say how grateful I am to the faculty and staff at my alma mater, The Hartt School at The University Of Hartford. I reached out and explained that I am looking for new work in a variety of cities, and they eagerly responded with a plethora of options and contacts. Another reason I feel so proud and content to have received my dance education there. Thank you again, Hartt.

3.) I’ve been getting back into teaching and back to work at the studio. I can’t change the decision I made to not work this year, BUT I CAN forgive myself for it and do my best. Right now my best is: teaching weekly private lessons to a favorite student of mine, who’s just started pointe (!); teaching a six week session for little dancers ages 4-6; subbing; and working my old administrative, Friday night shifts. Just being in the building and being slightly involved in my art form again helps me breathe a huge sigh of relief on a regular basis.

4.) I applied for a choreography commission…this is all pretty foreign to me and something I’ve only participated in once, but I’m so glad I went for it. It ended up being a no-go due to budget constraints, but the process of talking to some connections and learning more gave me some very helpful tools for the future. I am someone who is always personally nagged by “what ifs”, so inquiring and getting a final answer on the matter is a huge help mentally.

5.) I got a massage. The last time I got a massage was 2014 or 2015, I think…Needless to say it was a relaxing, yet painful, experience, and the knots were REAL in there. I’m trying to build a new habit, so I made an appointment for next month too (cringe for the cost, but kudos for self-care).

So, cheers to taking the small steps. Remind yourself that everything you do does not have to be an accomplishment that is gargantuan in size. Honestly, lately I have found myself wishing that I could throw my phone away and delete all social media accounts – the constant amount of competition with one another is exhausting. No one is perfect and rarely do we show our flaws or the struggle that got us to where we are today. Do not be afraid to be you, to submit yourself to a place of transition, and to take a step. Even if it’s not in the right direction or even if you fall, you WILL figure it all out.

Look how far you’ve already come.

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