Fuel The Fire

“Fuel the fire that is your passion…”

INSPIRATION. Where does it come from?…your peers?…role models?…a new project or role?…self-determination? No matter what the source, you have to add some fuel to your fire now and then. Although I admire dedication, ballet requires some extra sparks sometimes. Ballets change season to season, and hopefully roles too, but participating in class and perfecting your technique can become an uninspired, monotonous experience.

Unlike most professions, the career of a dancer requires the same rituals each and every day. Class is a must. Plies, tendus, fondus, pirouettes, (and oh so many more) they all gotta be thrown into the daily mix. However, unlike the normal grind of the non-arts world, once you have mastered a step there is no guarantee of execution from that point forward. The key to mastery is diligence and perseverance to strive to maintain.

“Progress seems elusive at times [but] do not doubt.”

It’s frustrating to step away for the day, and return the next to find that the exquisite satisfaction you experienced, while perfecting something yesterday, has disintegrated into thin air. Progress seems elusive at times. One day a small adjustment fixes the big picture, the next everything seems to be out of place technically.

Do not doubt. If you did it once (whatever that may be), you can do it again. It’s impossible to simply “get lucky” when you’re executing ballet steps. It takes hard work, a sense of self, and a willingness to try, try, try, and try again.

Even with these necessary tools in hand, an artist needs a helping hand. Something to work toward or something to give purpose to your passion. Without inspiration, we start to fizzle. We doubt, we resent, we don’t truly enjoy what we’re doing-an utter shame because we’re literally living the dream. We may not have it all, but we’ve sure got a lot. So look around you – find a peer to compete with or aspire to be more like…watch all the ballet glories of YouTube…research your current ballet…learn a variation you’ve never done before…set goals and DON’T GIVE UP. Fuel the fire that is your passion…And if the kindling’s not there, go and find it for yourself.


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