Ode To A Feeling…

“…a feeling…familiar and simple-It’s you in your element…comfortable and whole.”

How do you know what you’re meant to do in life? There’s never going to be anyone to validate your dreams and choose a path for you…no one except for you. It’s impossible to be certain when you’re doing the right thing, but there’s also that nagging sense of intuition from time to time. As cheesy as it sounds, we don’t choose our dreams, they choose us. And contrary to shiny, Cinderella-like tales of dreams coming true, just because you’ve found your calling it doesn’t mean there’s a path of rainbows and butterflies and magnificently clear arrows laid out before you. If you know what you want in life, most likely, you’re gonna struggle and hurt for it.

Sometimes we are born with a dream. We know from a young age what we are meant to do. Although we change immensely throughout childhood and young adulthood as well, sometimes the knowledge we have as young children, as to our plans and dreams, is exactly what our soul strongly desires-a need we have that sticks with us as we grow. And if we are lucky, we are nurtured and encouraged to chase that dream…to adapt and ultimately meet its challenges.

Sometimes your dream is voluntarily or involuntarily pushed along, refreshed, or even temporarily set aside. Sometimes the path we’re on becomes clouded by doubt. Upon examination, we completely forget how much we have done to get here. We worry if it was all even worth it.

Sometimes though, we are reminded why we love our dream and why it is a part of us. You experience a feeling. It’s familiar and simple-It’s you in your element. It’s a feeling that makes you comfortable and whole. And it is a reminder that you’re doing the right thing. This is why you’ve come this far. So keep going, for yourself, and enjoy this feeling as long as you can. For now, this is where you’re meant to be.


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