“Set a resolution for yourself that is bold and broad.”

A new year is upon us. 2016. Here we go…no pressure. The start of a New Year is always guaranteed to welcome its fair share of list-making, inspirational self-bettering plans, and opportunities to start fresh. Usually I know specifically what I want to accomplish. I have bullet points, things to start doing, things I must avoid. But I don’t feel quite the same urge this year.

I want to “return to myself” and to my lifestyle – but that doesn’t feel like a resolution at all…and if it is then I must need all kinds of saving. I’m not being negative BUT…(if I have any concrete goals at all this year, that is definitely one of them. I refuse to indulge in negativity from outside sources, and if I, personally, am feeling negative, I will communicate that only to the point of necessity)…I need refreshing. I need to remember what it feels like to be confident, to love what I am doing, and to not be afraid.

The support, friendship, and love I received last year are the reason I was able to survive. But I have to leave 2015 behind now. No more wallowing, no more pity (from myself OR others). I am not the first person to experience a bump along the road, and I know that this won’t be the last one either. The drama I’ve experienced has only made me stronger, so lucky me!

Here is my suggestion for you this week, as we embark on another year in the journey – set a resolution for yourself that is bold and broad. The specifics are important too (we all can benefit from getting everywhere five minutes early and exercising on a daily basis, but that’s not all there is to happiness), but the self-altering adjustments become the turning points that you will remember with pride. When we refresh ourselves and take risks, our lives begin to change for the better, in more ways than one…

Obligatory dramatic 1st arabesque photo at Lincoln Center, after a viewing of the lovely New York City Ballet’s The Nutcracker. What a beautiful and promising place to start the New Year…

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